Thirty Amsterdam’s private canal-side gardens will open to the public in June

Zarina Holmes

Last updated 2/13/2009 6:22:11 PM

The public will have the opportunity to see up to thirty spectacular canal-side private gardens in Amsterdam during the Open Garden Days.

The Canal Museums of Amsterdam will organize the event that is taking place from the 19th until 21st June 2009.

Some of the gardens will be opening their doors for the first time to the public.

Most of the year, the rarely seen gardens are hidden from public view behind the stately facades along the Amsterdam canals.

Visitors will be given Three Day Passes and will be transported to the addresses by boats.

Renowned architects have dedicated their time to transform the gardens of canal-side homes into green oasis.

Each year the proceeds of the Open Garden Days will go to a charitable cause.

This year it will fund the acquisition of the 17th century coach house that belonged to the Museum Van Loon.

It will be reunited to its original canal house complex, to be opened later for the public to enjoy.