COP 15 conference - 'Play to Stop’ for climate change - Backetreet Boys perform in Copenhagen

Vipul Bhatti

Last updated 12/8/2009 1:40:00 PM

Within the city centre in Copenhagen there is a monumental murky crystal globe, which also happens to be as spectacular as the romanticism of Christmas.

But its larger-than-life presence represents more than festive sparkle, it reminds that our beautiful planet is admirable, certainly needs more appreciation, and greater still, requires more respect.

On day one of the COP 15 conference, the spirit of optimism was in the air. The opening ceremony was marked with hope and the buzz on the streets was that already the realisation of climate change is more than just an issue of talking for our politicians but a collective effort of action from all of us.

By the afternoon, and not far from the crystal globe there was another buzz. This one was stirred by the appearance of the US pop band The BackStreet Boys, who made a stop in the city to perform for the third and final concert of the joint campaign by the EC and MTV ‘Play to Stop' for climate change.

At a press conference, the Boys shared their concerns and reiterated the importance of climate change not just by riding bikes instead of driving cars, or switching off the light, but by making it be known that as artists they want future generations to be given opportunities to realise their own passions just as they have. Later that evening, Brian, Nick, AJ and Howie shared their voices and made it be known what music can do ... change how we are, and in this case, think about the changes we have to make.

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