Greg Jarrett – Managing Director

Last updated 6/26/2009 6:27:01 PM

What does your company do?

Fifty Foot Squid are a fresh digital marketing agency. We create multi-lingual marketing campaigns for companies on a global scale across micro-sites, banners, email, social media or whatever best fits our partners' needs. Our expertise is cost-effectively launching campaigns across borders and breaking boundaries along the way. We focus on the client as a whole, their environment, literal and virtual, and pull in the creative thinking. This then formulates the marketing strategy for creative execution.

How long have you been committed to CSR?

We had a major change in strategy and direction at the end of 2007. We had became increasing disillusioned with marketing as an industry and wanted to find a way to create good things for people rather than looking at how we might sell them products.

Life made better was the way forward.

Where in your organisation does CSR sit?

Our ethos filters through the entire company, from our cleaners to our most senior people.   Our philosophy and approach is so simple to understand and implement that every person in our companies applies it in their daily lives.   Consider everything.   Is that better?

What are the most important CSR objectives for your organization?   Planet, people, community, charity?

People, we focus on giving people something of value rather than taking something away from them.   This may be something as simple as a smile, a discount, a tool that saves time - these are all things of value we can give to people.   It may be something as complex as a whole change of ethos. Traditional marketing is all about asking for something, ask for money, ask for time, demand attention.   We believe we should always give people something of value that improves their lives.

We help people be more human, we actively promote inter-personal communication using technology as an enabler of connections and concepts.  

We also want to make technology seamless and believe the best technology is actually invisible, we actively remove technology for its own sake and focus on how seamless we can make the process from person to person.

Why is it important for your organization to actively engage in CSR?

We love coming in to work every day and thinking "to day I'm going to do some good and help people."   It's a real motivator and everyone at Fifty Foot Squid holds this philosophy in their minds.

What targets do you set for CSR?

We believe every project we work on is an opportunity to do good and we are actively sourcing CSR partners to increase our focused CSR initiatives.

How do you measure performance against these targets?   How are you doing so far?

We ask the simple question of every project, does make life better?   So far we've had great success and almost always answer, yes!

How do you communicate your CSR initiative to the wider public?  

CSR is our central pillar and is communicated through every project and every piece of marketing communications we send out, and demonstrated in our engagements and interpersonal skills.

Do you employ a CSR manager in your organization?

All of our employees are actively involved in our CSR activities.

How do you see your CSR strategy changing in the future?

Our aim of improving peoples lives will never change however the ways that we do that with technology will change as new discoveries give us better tools and better processes. 

Give us an example of a recent CSR initiative that has made a real difference.

We created a marketing Campaign for Dove, which used technology to enable communications between mothers and daughters.   We used the campaign to actively promote the Dove Self-Esteem Fund workshops for young women.   We also created a global toolkit for multiple country roll-outs. In particular we created assets for use poorer countries with limited budgets in a very cost effective way giving them access to sophisticated marketing they would not have been able to other wise afford. Millions of young women's lives are being touched across the world through the DSEF.