Meike Brunkhorst

Last updated 12/11/2008 10:21:22 AM

factor-m was set up in 2006 with the aim of becoming the first choice both for media owners seeking UK representation, and for advertisers entering the German marketplace.

The company is rapidly expanding into further international markets as well as electronic media and music representation.

CSR is probably too grand a term for our attempts to run our business as responsibly as possible.   We have chosen a landlord with a strong track record of sustainability, use environmentally sound products and suppliers, while trying to reduce unnecessary paperwork and non-essential travel.

This year we decided against sending out paper Christmas cards – a difficult decision as it is a nice and long-standing tradition.   Instead we have opted for an electronic card designed by Dan Haskett.   Because we like his style which beautifully combines nostalgia and post-modern wit.

Undeterred by headlines dominated by credit crunch, recession and financial crisis we have kept a positive outlook and are cheered up by our regular fix of Optimist World News. We will spread the word, hopefully turn a few of our clients, associates and friends into optimists and raise some money for charity.

Please take a few minutes to register by following the link below – we will make a donation for every new member generated through our page!