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First UK study of ketamine for people with severe depression is encouraging

The first UK study of the use of ketamine intravenous infusions in people with treatment-resistant depression has shown a rapid antidepressant effect in patients with severe depression who have not responded to other treatments. ... Read more >>

Radiohead's Colin Greenwood takes on Blenheim Palace triathlon to support young cancer patient Scarlett Clarkson

A young cancer sufferer from Oxford has inspired Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood to take part in a charity triathlon at Blenheim Palace. ... Read more >>

Ethnically diverse neighbourhoods ‘safer', research suggests

Residents of ethnically diverse neighbourhoods can expect to experience fewer assaults than residents of neighbourhoods with little or no ethnic diversity, according to a new way of measuring violence. ... Read more >>

Modest exercise can reduce heart disease risk in kidney illness patients

A modest amount of exercise may help reduce kidney disease patients' risks of developing heart disease and infections, according to a new study led by Loughborough University scientists. ... Read more >>

Goose research could help study of heart attacks

A new study into how the world's highest flying bird, the bar-headed goose, is able to survive at extreme altitudes may have future implications for low oxygen medical conditions in humans. ... Read more >>

Thousands join campaign to improve allocation of lung transplants to cystic fibrosis patients

More than 4,500 people have called for change to help end the tragedy of one in three people with cystic fibrosis dying while waiting for a lung transplant. ... Read more >>

Rare Sumatran tiger cubs born at London Zoo boost numbers of endangered species

Three of the world's rarest tigers born at ZSL London Zoo are wowing visitors in the spring sunshine. ... Read more >>

New drug offers hope for childhood disease Rett syndrome

A powerful new drug which could relieve the symptoms of the devastating childhood disease Rett syndrome is on the horizon thanks to a funding injection of £180,000. ... Read more >>

Baby Evie is the youngest child in UK to have hearing implants

When Evie Smith's cochlear implants were turned on at St Thomas' Hospital in London, she became the youngest child in the UK to have this surgery. ... Read more >>

Four paraplegic men voluntarily move their legs in breakthrough research into epidural electrical stimulation

Four young men who have been paralysed for years have again moved their legs as a result of epidural electrical stimulation of the spinal cord. ... Read more >>

Britain’s chief doctor prescribes gardening for good health

Gardening is the solution to wider issues such as obesity, flooding and air pollution, which can all be improved through urban greening, according to speakers at the International Green City Conference, hosted by the International Association of H... Read more >>

Citizens Advice Bureau generates £50 value for every £1 invested, shows new report

For every £1 invested, Citizens Advice Bureau services return £50 in economic and social value, according to latest research. ... Read more >>

Captain Scott’s photographic negatives saved for the nation

An urgent appeal to save historic Antarctic negatives taken by Captain Scott in 1911 has been successful. ... Read more >>

Lingerie retailer Bravissimo recycles bras to support mental health services

Recycled women's bras will be helping to raise funds for leading mental health charity, Mind. ... Read more >>

World-first clinical trial launches for advanced bowel cancer

Patients with advanced bowel cancer are set to benefit from the launch of a revolutionary new clinical trial. ... Read more >>

Cell-saving drugs could reduce brain damage after stroke

Long-term brain damage caused by stroke could be reduced by saving cells called pericytes that control blood flow in capillaries, suggest researchers from Oxford University, UCL and the University of Copenhagen. ... Read more >>

Good news for epilepsy sufferers: Expert believes treatment will eventually prevent epileptic seizures

A leading epilepsy expert says he believes new treatments will be developed so that no-one will have to experience seizures. ... Read more >>

Connecting children and nature: Nominate your wild hero for the Octavia Hill Awards

A two-month search is underway for the heroes connecting young people with nature across the UK. ... Read more >>

RSPCA rescue cat helps goes to rescue of diabetic owner

A rescue cat left dumped in a box outside a shop has proved to be the perfect pet by raising the alarm when her young owner's blood sugar levels dip to dangerous levels. ... Read more >>

Survival rate of British bird, the long-tailed tit, benefits from climate change

Climate change may be bad news for billions, but scientists have discovered one unlikely winner – a tiny British bird, the long-tailed tit. ... Read more >>

New imaging approach fast tracks drug testing for incurable prostate cancer

Scientists have developed imaging techniques to faster test the effectiveness of a drug for prostate cancer that's spread to the bone and is currently incurable. ... Read more >>

Indian fair showcases Urine-tricity smart toilet that powers mobile phones and improves sanitation

A smart toilet, called Urine-tricity, which aims to help bring sanitation and mobile phone charging power to impoverished communities, is to be showcased at an event in India to improve sanitation and health. ... Read more >>

International Day of Happiness: The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal, says United Nations chief

It's International Day of Happiness today, with the United Nations urging organisations and people around the world to appreciate being happy as a goal to which we should all aspire. ... Read more >>

Government announces Alan Turing Institute to be set up to research big data

Computer pioneer and code-breaker Alan Turing is to be honoured with an institute in his name that will focus on new ways of collecting, organising and analysing large sets of data - commonly known as big data. ... Read more >>

Home Front Legacy Project: Helping communities preserve First World History for the future

The Council for British Archaeology is working with English Heritage to help local communities document and preserve First World War stories and vulnerable remains, for future generations. ... Read more >>

Guinness World Records honour friends Jamie Sparks and Luke Birch for record-breaking row

Two students have rowed into the record books after becoming the youngest pair to row the Atlantic. ... Read more >>

Stroke survivor Becky Beaumont reunited with the cardiologist who operated on her heart

Young stroke survivor Becky Beaumont has been reunited with the cardiologist who successfully operated on her heart after her stroke. ... Read more >>

Keeping fit could cut the risk of catching flu, survey suggests

Doing vigorous exercise for at least 2.5 hours a week reduces your chances of experiencing a flu-like illness by around 10%, according to a new study. ... Read more >>

New research reveals the secret to making a good first impression

If you want to make a good impression when you first meet someone make sure you get it right in the first half a second! Scientists suggest that those meeting us decide almost instantly what we're like. ... Read more >>

RSPCA to sell its own brand pet food to support its work

The RSPCA has launched its first pet food range, containing only UK sourced ingredients, with all the proceeds going back to the charity to help the welfare of animals. ... Read more >>

Good news for lung disease patients: Treatments move closer

New treatments for some lung diseases are a step closer, thanks to research that pinpoints why existing drugs are ineffective. ... Read more >>

Daughter of breast cancer victim wins competition funding for research

A young woman whose mother died of breast cancer is among two teams of University of Cambridge students who have won a prestigious international competition to commercialise innovative research. ... Read more >>

Cystic fibrosis campaigner Nick Talbot to climb Everest to raise awareness of the condition

Nick Talbot is attempting to become the first person with cystic fibrosis to climb the world's highest mountain, Everest. ... Read more >>

Fat-busting seaweeds are good news for healthy food

Scientists have identified the seaweeds which are most effective at preventing us from absorbing fat, opening up exciting possibilities for making everyday foods healthier. ... Read more >>

Marines and firefighters awarded RSPCA medals for brave rescue of stranded pony

Medals have been awarded by the RSPCA to a group of marines and firefighters for their role in the daring rescue of a pony from a clifftop. ... Read more >>

How patients talking about their healthcare can help stimulate NHS improvements

Patient experiences can be used to improve healthcare – not through targets and surveys, but by getting doctors, nurses and patients talking together, a new project suggests. ... Read more >>

Intrepid expedition by rower Elsa Hammond celebrates inspirational women

Adventurer Elsa Hammond is using her epic three month row from California to Hawaii to celebrate the contributions of inspirational women across the world. ... Read more >>

Shetland pony and donkey to trek one hundred miles to support RSPCA equine centre

As the RSPCA struggles to cope with the numbers of horses needing its help, two plucky equines are to set out with their owners on a 100 mile trek to support the charity's work. ... Read more >>

Campaign in rural India inceases mothers' handwashing

Analysis of a hand washing campaign in India suggests that using emotional motivators rather than health messages can result in significant improvements in hand washing behaviour and could help to reduce the risk of infectious diseases. ... Read more >>

Silk-based surgical implants could offer better way to repair broken bones

Surgical plates and screws made from pure silk protein derived from silkworm cocoons could offer improved bone re-modelling following injury. ... Read more >>

Scientists target children’s brain tumours in £4 million research programme

A groundbreaking research programme aims to beat childhood brain tumours. ... Read more >>

NHS Change Day: Staff pledge to make a positive difference

A national day of positive action is again helping harness the passion, drive, commitment and innovation of NHS staff to make an extra difference to the service they provide. ... Read more >>

3D printing for dog surgery to be expanded to treat canine orthopaedic problems

A spin-out company from the University of Liverpool is set to expand its use of 3D printing to produce surgical implants for dogs. ... Read more >>

Efficiency of solar cells could be boosted by antireflective window coating

A newly-developed coating could enable buildings to have antireflective self-cleaning windows and could increase the efficiency of solar cells. ... Read more >>

Farmland butterflies flourish, after summer weather boost, survey shows

Farmland butterflies have thrived over the past year after benefiting from the best summer weather for seven years, a survey has revealed. ... Read more >>

HIV drug used to reverse effects of virus that causes cervical cancer

A commonly-used HIV drug has been shown to kill-off the human papilloma virus (HPV) that leads to cervical cancer in a world-first clinical trial. ... Read more >>

Improving patients’ wellbeing after a traumatic stay in intensive care

More than £2 million have been allocated to a pioneering project investigating ways of reducing the rate of post-traumatic stress disorder in intensive care patients. ... Read more >>

Quitting smoking linked to improved mental health, research suggests

Stopping smoking is associated with an improvement in mental health, researchers have found, and the effect is equal to that seen in antidepressant treatment of mood and anxiety disorders. ... Read more >>

EU project Pheme to build lie detector for social media

In our digital age, rumours – both true and false - spread fast, often with far-reaching consequences. Now, an international group of researchers is aiming to build a system that will automatically verify online rumours as they spread around the g... Read more >>

Animal park celebrates birth of first West African giraffe in Britain

The first West African giraffe to be born in the UK has arrived at South Lakes Wild Animal Park in Cumbria. ... Read more >>

Ensuring people get the help they need in a mental health crisis

A new agreement between the NHS, police, social services, housing services and other services and organisations is designed to make sure people get the help they need in a mental health crisis. ... Read more >>

One Run For Boston II: Trans-American relay remembers Boston Marathon victims

A trans-American relay which raised tens of thousands of dollars to help those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings is set to return in 2014. ... Read more >>

Eat United Nicaragua - UK campaigner tackles food poverty and malnutrition

Katie Alesbury has been tackling food poverty thousands of miles away on the streets of Nicaragua using inspiration gained from initiatives back home in the UK. ... Read more >>

Inspiring young people who are fighting to find a cure for pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers and in the United States, where it is the fourth leading cause of cancer death, children and teenagers from California to Florida affected by the condition are working together to raise awareness a... Read more >>

Study suggests a minimum alcohol price would save lives among high risk drinkers

A minimum pricing for alcohol of 45p per unit would reduce deaths and hospital admissions among high risk drinkers who purchase large quantities of low cost alcohol, according to new research. ... Read more >>

Mathematical beauty activates same brain region as great art or music, according to research

People who appreciate the beauty of mathematics activate the same part of their brain when they look at aesthetically pleasing formula as others do when appreciating art or music, suggesting that there is a neurobiological basis to beauty. ... Read more >>

Health benefits of London cycle hire scheme outweigh risks from injury and pollution, study finds

The London cycle hire scheme has had a positive overall effect on the health of its users by increasing physical activity within the capital, according to the results of a large-scale modelling study. ... Read more >>

Refugees use creative writing as a therapeutic tool to tell their stories

A group of twelve refugees – many of whom overcame horrific experiences before coming to the UK - are putting their personal tales of struggle and hardship down on paper, with help from undergraduate students. ... Read more >>

RSPCA water rescue team helps animals and humans in UK floods

A specialist RSPCA rescue team has rescued two adult Sheepdog-type dogs and their six puppies as well as a number of horses in the UK floods. ... Read more >>

Legs 4 Africa: Prosthetic limb project offers new hope for people in Africa

It is estimated that more than 2000 used prosthetic limbs are disposed of each year in the United Kingdom alone - now a new group plans to channel the redundant limbs to people that need them across Africa. ... Read more >>

Tree roots in the mountains act like thermostat for global climate, study finds

For the first time, scientists have discovered how tree roots in the mountains may play an important role in controlling long-term global temperatures. ... Read more >>

Yoghurt cuts risk of type 2 diabetes, study suggests

Eating more yoghurt can reduce the risk of new-onset type 2 diabetes, researchers have found. ... Read more >>

Near error-free wireless detection made possible with new innovation

A new long-range wireless tag detection system, with potential applications in health care, environmental protection and goods tracking, can pinpoint items with near 100 per cent accuracy over a much wider range than current systems. ... Read more >>

World Ospery Week enables schools to track birds' migration trips

A new initiative will encourage schools to follow the migratory journeys of the one of the world's most spectacular birds, the ospery, and make links with other schools around the world. ... Read more >>

Jamie Sparks and Luke Birch complete record-breaking Atlantic row for charity

Friends Jamie Sparks and Luke Birch have claimed the title of youngest pair to row the Atlantic, raising a record breaking amount for charity. ... Read more >>

Birth of colobus monkey shows success of London Zoo conservation programme

In the wild, colobus monkeys are under threat, victims of an illegal trade where they are hunted for their fur and as bushmeat. But a conservation breeding programme for the species is achieving success at ZSL London Zoo. ... Read more >>

Seaweed therapies trial joins could help those with cystic fibrosis

The disease-fighting qualities of seaweed compounds are being investigated by an international network of scientists , with trials for new inhalation therapies for cystic fibrosis sufferers already underway. ... Read more >>

Simple protein test may improve prediction of cancer patients' survival rates

A simple protein test could prove more useful in predicting survival chances for patients with head-and-neck cancer compared to existing methods. ... Read more >>

Promise or Pay - New motivational charity website encourages commitment to self improvement

Promise or Pay is a newly-launched website that enables people to make a public promise to do something on the basis that they pay a nominated amount to a charity of their choice if they break that pledge. ... Read more >>

Mystery antique teddy bear to be reunited with family after being left at airport

The mystery of a 100-year-old dog-eared teddy bear found abandoned in an airport departure lounge has finally been solved. ... Read more >>

World of Children charity's Valentine's Day campaign supports cardiac surgeon's work in developing countries

Every year, 1.3 million babies are born with a congenital heart defect, the most common birth defect in the world and due to a lack of advanced medical care in developing countries around the world, most will not get the surgery they need to survi... Read more >>

High-tech whole body scan could improve treatment of bone marrow cancer

A pioneering, improved scanning technique that can image a patient's entire body can reveal where cancer is affecting the bones and guide doctors in their choice for treatment, new research reveals. ... Read more >>

Otter cubs befriend each other after storm rescues

A pair of orphaned otter cubs rescued by the RSPCA have become firm friends after they were stranded in separate incidents during the recent storms. ... Read more >>

How giving Cambodian villagers responsibility for protecting forests prevents illegal logging

A study into deforestation in Cambodia has found that forests are better protected when villagers are given the responsibility to manage them locally. ... Read more >>

Cancer and back pain to be treated with ultrasound technology innovation

Ultrasound technology is to be used to deliver advanced therapies for difficult-to-treat cancers and chronic low back pain. ... Read more >>

Keeping things complex can improve brain power, study suggests

If your new year's resolutions include toning the brain as well as the body, the key could be a vigorous mental workout. ... Read more >>

New guide aims to improve the way police officers relate to those with mental health issues

The police and mental health campaigners have welcomed a new guide to good practice for officers in responding to those with mental health problems. ... Read more >>

How exposure to sunlight can lower your blood pressure

Exposing skin to sunlight in moderation may help to reduce blood pressure and thus cut the risk of heart attack and stroke, a new study suggests. ... Read more >>

Promising results in gene therapy trial for inherited blindness

The first clinical trial of a gene therapy for an inherited cause of progressive blindness has shown very promising results, surpassing expectations of the Oxford researchers leading the study. ... Read more >>

Ingredients found in tea and berries could guard against diabetes

Eating high levels of flavonoids including anthocyanins and other compounds - found in berries, tea, and chocolate - could offer protection from type 2 diabetes. ... Read more >>

Transcranial magnetic device to transform lives of migraine sufferers

Britain's eight million migraine sufferers have new hope of easing their symptoms, thanks to a portable device that uses magnetic stimulation. ... Read more >>

New hope for tuberculosis treatment: Patient's own bone-marrow stem cells could treat resistant TB

Patients' own bone-marrow stem cells could be used to treat resistant tuberculosis, according to a preliminary study by an international research team. ... Read more >>

Hopeful university graduate Danielle Potter is on course for Mars mission, Mars One

A post-graduate cancer research student is hoping to land a place on the first manned-mission to Mars after being shortlisted from a list of 202,000 applicants. ... Read more >>

Free school breakfasts for all children could increase healthy eating, study suggests

Universal free school breakfasts can increase healthy eating and reduce breakfast skipping among children from disadvantaged backgrounds, according to latest research. ... Read more >>

Antarctic emperor penguins may be adapting to warmer temperatures, study suggests

A new study of four Antarctic emperor penguin colonies suggest that unexpected breeding behaviour may be a sign that the birds are adapting to environmental change. ... Read more >>

Mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin begins search for the good samaritan who saved him from suicide

Jonny Benjamin was twenty when he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. ... Read more >>

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