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Harefield Hospital patient Andrew Whitby is Guinness World Records' longest living heart and lung transplant recipient

Harefield Hospital patient Andrew Whitby has become the first person in the world to be officially named the longest surviving heart-lung transplant recipient by Guinness World Records. ... Read more >>

Graduating grandfather Richard Abraham celebrates degree, aged 69

He's overcome dyslexia and two strokes, so graduating from the University of Bristol is a very special moment for grandfather Richard Abraham. ... Read more >>

Large-scale trial will assess effectiveness of teaching mindfulness in UK schools

A major study is assessing whether training in mindfulness training - paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you - can improve teenagers' mental health. ... Read more >>

Academic designs prosthetic limb for Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

A Bournemouth University lecturer is helping a disabled cyclist to achieve his dream of representing his country at the Rio 2016 Paralympics. ... Read more >>

Ultrasound accelerates skin healing

Researchers have discovered that using ultrasound to transmit a vibration through the skin can wake up cells in wounds, helping to stimulate and accelerate the healing process. ... Read more >>

Travita - a winning idea for air passengers to give spare baggage capacity to charities

A team of students has developed a prototype system that allows frequent flyers to fill their spare luggage capacity on planes with products that charities need. ... Read more >>

Why teenager Madeline Stuart is a positive role model for Down syndrome

Madeline Stuart is helping challenge the usual perceptions of what it takes to be a model. She's  an eighteen-year-old model from Australia, who also happens to have Down syndrome. ... Read more >>

National Trust's £30 million investment in a sustainable future

The National Trust is making its biggest ever investment in renewable energy to heat and power more of the historic places it looks after. ... Read more >>

University award marks life of dedicated student Stephanie McGregor eight decades on

A family from Jamaica has made an emotional journey to celebrate the achievements of a promising medical student whose life was cut tragically short. ... Read more >>

Blind spaniel Delphine can have potentially sight-saving treatment

A black and white springer spaniel found abandoned, blind and alone is to undergo surgery that could potentially restore her sight. ... Read more >>

Sleep deprivation could reduce intrusive memories of traumatic scenes

Sleep deprivation might prevent people from consolidating memories of experimental trauma, reducing their tendency to experience flashbacks, according to a new Oxford University-led study. ... Read more >>

Patient power wins approval for transformational cystic fibrosis treatment Orkambi

A break-through treatment which has been shown to dramatically reduce instances of chest infection among cystic fibrosis patients and improve lung function, has been granted approval in the U.S. following an impassioned plea from patients. ... Read more >>

Design of the Year: RSPCA welcomes 'organ-on-a-chip' technology to reduce animal laboratory testing

<SPAN>The Design Museum in London has awarded its overall top prize for 2015 to a team of scientists and engineers seeking to revolutionise the way that new pharmaceutical medicines and treatments are developed and tested.</SPAN><SPAN>&nbsp;&nbsp;... Read more >>

The Brilliant Club - Pupils sample Cambridge University life through educational programme

More than a hundred high-performing pupils from 16 state schools – including a third who have been eligible for free school meals – are embarked on a potentially life-changing educational journey. ... Read more >>

Confiscated ivory is crushed in Times Square to fight threat to elephants

<SPAN>More than one ton of confiscated illegal ivory has been crushed in Times Square, NewYork, while thousands of supporters gathered to watch.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

New symptom–based approach could help to save thousands of lives from cancer

Thousands of lives in England could be saved each year if theNHS follows updated guidance to help it diagnose cancer earlier. ... Read more >>

Discovery of new anti-malarial compound brings new hope to malaria treatment

Scientists have discovered a new anti-malarial compound with the potential to treat malaria patients in a single dose. ... Read more >>

RSPB celebrates boom in bittern bird numbers, thanks to conservation

The bittern – a type of heron extinct in the UK at the turn of the 20th Century – is bouncing back to full recovery. ... Read more >>

Wedding dress donated to charity by mystery widower receives thousands of pounds in bids on Ebay

It's a wedding dress that made national headlines after a widower dropped it into a charity shop with a touching note wishing the recipient as much happiness as he and his late wife enjoyed during their life together. ... Read more >>

Drug combination highlights potential new depression treatment

A combination of two existing licensed drugs could be used as a potential new treatment for depression. ... Read more >>

Researchers call for public's help to share their experiences of domestic violence

Researchers are calling on the public's help for a new project to improve support for women suffering domestic violence. ... Read more >>

Hormonal treatment for cows could reduce global warming

New research suggests targeted use of hormone treatments could make the dairy industry more efficient and sustainable in addition to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. ... Read more >>

Powerful Beyond Measure - How Neil Vines' memoir will inspire others beyond his death from brain cancer

Neil Vines went from having the time of his life to having the fight of his life. Neil was a 19-year-old fit, good-looking personal trainer, seemingly with everything to live for. ... Read more >>

Revolutionary leg prosthesis enables patient to feel again

For the first time in history, an Austrian team of researchers has successfully fitted a human being with a leg prosthesis that sends feelings to its wearer and greatly increases safety when in motion. ... Read more >>

Beach Bums: Scientists and Surfers team up to assess antibiotic resistance risk

Scientists in Cornwall are about to begin an innovative study that will shed light on how surfers exposed to human sewage and diffuse pollution in seawater might be affected by antibiotic resistant bacteria. ... Read more >>

App-a-thon: Guinness World Record attempt aims to encourage new generation of IT specialists

A Guinness World Record attempt will be&nbsp; made this weekend for the largest number of people simultaneously learning to build an Android app. ... Read more >>

Attending breast cancer screening reduces risk of death by 40 per cent

Women aged 50-69 years who attend mammography screening reduce their risk of dying from breast cancer by 40 per cent compared to women who are not screened – according to a major international review of the latest evidence on breast cancer screeni... Read more >>

Severe ozone depletion avoided because of UN treaty

A new study suggests we are already reaping the rewards of UN treaty the Montreal Protocol, which restricted the use of ozone-depleting substances, with the ozone layer in much better shape. ... Read more >>

RSPCA's biggest ever dog walk supports charity's work

Five hundred dogs have taken part in the RSPCA's biggest ever walk at Alexandra Palace, London. ... Read more >>

National Trust's new plan to protect the coast for people and nature

Fifty years after the launch of the National Trust's radical plan to save coastline for the nation, an inspiring stretch of the Great Orme in north Wales has come into its care. ... Read more >>

Climate engineering may save coral reefs

<SPAN>Geoengineering of the climate may be the only way to save coral reefs from mass bleaching, according to new research.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

Teddy bear clinic helps child patients through medical play

<SPAN>Using teddy bears to talk a child through a hospital visit helps to reassure them, U.S.medics say. </SPAN> ... Read more >>

Scientists' discovery could improve radiotherapy for wide range of cancers

<SPAN>UK scientists have discovered how giving a class of drugs called AKT inhibitors in combination with radiotherapy might boost its effectiveness across a wide range of cancers.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

Fishlove - Dame Judi Dench poses naked with a lobster to highlight the need to end over-fishing

Dame Judi Dench has stripped off to front&nbsp; a new campaign from Fishlove to protect our seas from destructive fishing practices. ... Read more >>

Mont Blanc climb is heart researcher's thank you to British Heart Foundation for funding

Heart researcher Mark Boyett will repay the generosity of the British Heart Foundation in supporting his work by undertaking to climb Mount Blanc. ... Read more >>

RSPCA applauds Ricky Gervais for using social media to highlight animal cruelty

Comedy legend Ricky Gervais has been honoured by the RSPCA for speaking out against animal cruelty. ... Read more >>

Matt Edwards' paddleboard challenge to boost education in South Africa

<SPAN>Travelling from Reading to Bristol is usually a pain-free and quick journey. But not if you're moving at two miles an hour on a paddleboard. </SPAN> ... Read more >>

1950s malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine could be a future heart treatment

<SPAN>Oxford University researchers have found a promising future treatment for heart disease, going back to a drug first developed in 1950. </SPAN> ... Read more >>

How to love spiders - New exhbition at ZSL London Zoo aims to boost spider popularity

<SPAN>ZSL London Zoo is aiming to clear the name of one of the world's most feared, misunderstood and maligned creatures - the spider.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

Cold sore virus shows effective treatment for skin cancer

<SPAN>A genetically engineered herpes virus can halt the progression of skin cancer by killing cancer cells and sparking the immune system into action against tumours, a landmark clinical trial has shown.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

National Unplugging Day: 24 hours without computers, smartphones and tablets

<SPAN>Families and individuals are being encouraged to take a break from technology for one day.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

Natural plant chemical from could prevent tooth decay, study finds

<SPAN>Oral care products containing a natural chemical that stops bacteria harming teeth could help fight decay, research shows.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

RSPCA fundraising appeal puts emaciated horse back on the road to recovery

<SPAN>An emaciated horse found on a dark hillside in Harlow is getting stronger every day and learning to love life again thanks to help from RSPCA supporters.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

ODinE programme boosts startup businesses with €100k funding

<SPAN>Startup businesses are being offered up to €100k equity free funding through a new European programme. </SPAN> ... Read more >>

Combination therapy brings new hope to people with cystic fibrosis

A new combination treatment could dramatically cut the levels of lung damage sustainedin around half of the UK cystic fibrosis population. ... Read more >>

Intrepid pair cross Trans-Pennine Trail in wheelchairs to highlight need for better access to the countryside

<SPAN>Wheelchair users Roy Taylor and Chris Christou are attempting a four day challenge, journeying sixty-six miles across the Trans-Pennine Trail, from Chesterfield to Leeds.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

Get fit for summer! British Heart Foundation urges UK to get more active

<SPAN>The public is being urged the British Heart Foundation to get more active this summer.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

Thumbs up for Stephen Sutton: Teenage Cancer Trust plans anniversary tribute to inspirational fundraiser

<SPAN>The TeenageCancer Trust is planning to mark the first anniversary of the death of Stephen Sutton with a mass #thumbsupforStephen on May 14.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

How puppies will help students feel less stressed during exam time

<SPAN>Students at the University of York will be able interact with dogs and puppies to relieve exam stress in an initiative with the charity Guide Dogs.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle for fighting bowel cancer

<SPAN>UK researchers claim living a healthy lifestyle&nbsp;before diagnosis&nbsp;could&nbsp;improve a person's chances of&nbsp;surviving&nbsp;bowel cancer.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

Conservation hopes for rare Lake Oku clawed frogs bred at ZSL London Zoo

A critically endangered and evolutionarily distinct species of frog has been bred in a UK zoo for the first time ever. ... Read more >>

Book of You: New reminiscence therapy app could boost people with dementia

The development of a new app, Book of You, could revolutionise reminiscence therapy for people with dementia. ... Read more >>

Student captures stunning images of sealions in the Galápagos Islands

Here's something to brighten your day. University student Sam Rowley has captured remarkable images of sea lions while visiting the Galápagos Islands. ... Read more >>

Baby boom at RSPCA centres prompts good advice from charity about rescuing young animals

The RSPCA is reporting a baby boom at its wildlife centres and has thanked the public for alerting it to young animals which may be in distress. ... Read more >>

CellScope: Smartphone video microscope to improve detection of parasites in blood

A research team led by UC Berkeley engineers has developed a new smartphone microscope that uses video to automatically detect and quantify infection by parasitic worms in a drop of blood. ... Read more >>

New drugs could stop skin cancer from spreading

Two new drugs could stop melanoma from spreading to other parts of the body, a new study has found. ... Read more >>

Study highlights benefits of green space in reducing gap between rich and poor

Having access to green spaces significantly reduces the gap in well being between richer and poorer people, a study has found. ... Read more >>

Team Ocean Valour: Rowers' bid to cross Atlantic to raise funds for The Brain Tumour Charity

Two rowers, Tom Rainey and Lawrence Walters, have set out from New York in a bid to conquer one of the world's most treacherous ocean routes. ... Read more >>

Replacing one sugary drink per day could cut risk of type 2 diabetes

<SPAN>Drinking water or unsweetened tea or coffee in place of one sugary drink per day can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to new research. </SPAN>... Read more >>

New mother is first diabetic in the world to give birth naturally

A British woman has become the first woman in the world to give birth naturally with the use of an artificial pancreas. ... Read more >>

Marion Coutts Wins Wellcome Book Prize

Marion Coutts has been awarded the Wellcome Book Prize 2015 for 'The Iceberg', her memoir about the art critic Tom Lubbock, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2008. ... Read more >>

People will live longer than official estimates predict, say researchers

The researchers say official forecasts underestimate how long people will live in the future, and therefore don’t adequately anticipate the need for additional investments in health and social services and pensions for the elderly. ... Read more >>

Breakthrough means bright future for clean hydrogen power

Researchers from Bath University have developed a new material for generating hydrogen from water in collaboration with Yale University. ... Read more >>

Scientific breakthrough unlocks potential novel tendon therapy

Scientists are investigating a new therapy for the treatment of tendon injuries such as tennis elbow and Achilles tendinitis after gaining new insight into the condition. ... Read more >>

Festival of Learning survey finds that UK is a nation of 'wannabe' chefs and musicians

We are a nation of aspiring chefs and musicians, according to a new survey which uncovers the secret ambitions of the UK population. ... Read more >>

Lights out initiative in New York aims to protect migratory birds

Buildings in New York State will participate in a lights out initiative to reduce sources of light pollution that disrupt and disorient birds during migration. ... Read more >>

Mindfulness-based therapy could offer an alternative to antidepressants for preventing depression relapse

<SPAN>Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) could provide an alternative non-drug treatment for people who do not wish to continue long-term antidepressant treatment, suggests new research. </SPAN>... Read more >>

How maniuplating the colour of light could help the bodyclock of shiftworkers and travellers

<SPAN>Research by scientists has revealed that the colour of light has a major impact on how our body clock measures the time of day. </SPAN>... Read more >>

Photograph confirms that Bouvier's red colobus monkey is alive and well in Congo

Two primatologists working in the forests of the Republic of Congo have snapped the first-ever photograph of the Bouvier's red colobus monkey, a rare primate not seen for more than half a century and suspected to be extinct. ... Read more >>

Cystic fibrosis boy's Facebook pills video gets 650,000 hits

When six-year-old Jesse was reluctant to take his medication for cystic fibrosis, his mother hit upon a winning idea, that's won the support of around 650,000 people online. ... Read more >>

Older people are more active and making a greater contribution across Europe

The Active Ageing Index details the extent to which 28 European Union nations are enabling the potential of older people to contribute not just to their own wellbeing, but also to help sustain greater economic and social prosperity for society as ... Read more >>

How topical medicines for athlete’s foot and eczema could benefit patients with multiple sclerosis

A pair of topical medicines already alleviating skin conditions each may prove to have another, even more compelling use: instructing stem cells in the brain to reverse damage caused by multiple sclerosis. ... Read more >>

Spuddy: App helps you find a sports buddy

Are you a keen tennis ace but don't have anyone to play against? Or are you looking for someone to go running or cycling with? Then search no longer - a new app, Spuddy, allows people to find ‘sports buddies' in their local area. ... Read more >>

Nothing beats a good night's sleep for helping people absorb new information

A good night's sleep is essential for helping people absorb new information, researchers say. ... Read more >>

Mind 3000s: Mountain trek tests celebrities in fundraising challenge for mental health charity

Celebrities will trek through the night in perilous conditions to raise £50,000 formental health charity Mind. ... Read more >>

Stroke drug alteplase could be used more widely without risk to patients

A drug that breaks up blood clots in stroke patients' brains could be used more widely without increased risk, a study shows. ... Read more >>

Beech tree is named Britain's tallest native tree

A beech tree in Newtimber Woods on the Devil's Dyke estate in West Sussex has been declared the tallest native tree in Britain. Measuring a staggering 44m tall (144ft), the champion tree on National Trust land is thought to be almost 200-years-old... Read more >>

New drug to enter trials for drug-resistant blood cancer patients

Researchers have developed an experimental treatment to overcome resistance to drugs used to treat cancers of the blood. So far, the drug has shown promise in pre-clinical studies in mice and is expected to enter clinical trials later this year.</... Read more >>

Genetic screening could improve breast cancer prevention, researchers find

A test for a wide range of genetic risk factors could improve doctors' ability to work out which women are at increased risk of developing breast cancer, a major study of more than 65,000 women has shown. ... Read more >>

Genocide survivor Hyppolite Ntiguriwa launches campaign to support orphans in Rwanda

Hyppolite Ntiguriwa, 27, lost his father and dozens of his relatives during the brutal Rwandan genocide but is now hoping to give a helping hand to orphans in his home country. ... Read more >>

Kids Sleep Dr: New smartphone app aims to improve children's sleep

The first smartphone app of its kind to help children with sleep problems&nbsp; has been developed by Evelina London Children's Hospital yesterday. ... Read more >>

RSPCA pleased to see not Grand National fatalities for third year in a row

The RSPCA says it believes its assistance with the Grand National has paid off - ensuring there were no fatalities in this year's race concluded at Aintree. ... Read more >>

New antibody therapy shows promise in suppressing HIV infection

<SPAN>In the first results to emerge from HIV patient trials of a new generation of neutralising antibodies, researchers have found the experimental therapy can dramatically reduce the amount of virus present in a patient's blood. </SPAN>... Read more >>

Mountain gorilla genome study provides optimism about population numbers

An international research project to sequence whole genomes from mountain gorillas has given scientists and conservationists new insight into the impact of population decline on these critically endangered apes. ... Read more >>

How your openness rates higher than religion for would-be lovers

Openness matters more than your religion to potential romantic partners, a new study suggests. In two studies researchers created a number of dating profiles for both religious and non-religious individuals and asked volunteers from a range of rel... Read more >>

New aluminum-ion battery offers an ultrafast charge and a safer alternative to conventional batteries

Scientists have invented the first high-performance aluminum battery that's ultrafast-charging, long-lasting and inexpensive. Researchers from Stanford University in California say the new technology offers a safe alternative to many commercial ba... Read more >>

More children are surving heart surgery, study reveals

Death rates in children within 30 days of heart surgery in the UK have almost halved over past decade, according to a new study. ... Read more >>

Lightbulb launch is celebrated as first UK application of graphene

A graphene lightbulb with lower energy emissions, longer lifetime and lower manufacturing costs has been launched - the first commercial application of graphene to emerge from the UK. ... Read more >>

Study highlights strength of high street shops post the economic downturn

High streets are emerging from the economic downturn with a stronger independent retailer presence than previously, according to latest research. ... Read more >>

Thousands raised for dementia charity in tribute from Sir Terry Pratchett's fans

More than £51,000 has been donated to a charity in memory of Sir Terry Pratchett. ... Read more >>

RSPCA cares for rare albino badger injured during mating season

A rare albino badger that was found with injuries on his neck and rump is recovering under the care of the RSPCA. ... Read more >>

Training for Africa's next generation of scientists

The University of Glasgow has secured £334,000&nbsp;to help train the next generation of African scientists. ... Read more >>

National Trust unveils plan to boost wildlife and land over the next decade

The National Trust has launched an ambitious plan to reverse what it describes as an ‘alarming decline' in wildlife. ... Read more >>

Major increase in bowel cancer screening uptake shown with new screening test

A large pilot study of a new bowel cancer screening procedure - a Faecal Immunochemical Test or FIT for short - has demonstrated a major increase in participation rates across population groups. ... Read more >>

International Day of Happiness 2015: A day for connecting with people

Today is the International Day of Happiness 2015, with everyone invited to focus on their connections with others. ... Read more >>

Study identifies the most agreeable and friendly regions of the UK

A survey of almost 400,000 British residents shows Scots to be amongst the friendliest and most co-operative residents and Londoners the most open.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

Beaten puppy recovers, thanks to the RSPCA, and seeks a new home

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy who was badly beaten by an eight-year-old child has now been rehabilitated by the RSPCA and is searching for a new home. ... Read more >>

Breastfeeding is linked to greater adult intelligence

Longer duration of breastfeeding is linked with increased intelligence in adulthood, longer schooling and higher adult earnings, a study has found. ... Read more >>

Scientists grow ‘mini-lungs’ to aid the study of cystic fibrosis

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have successfully created ‘mini-lungs' using stem cells derived from skin cells of patients with cystic fibrosis, and have shown that these can be used to test potential new drugs for this debilitating lun... Read more >>

Baby gorilla is thriving thanks to London Zoo's conservation programme

Zookeepers at London Zoo say the three-month-old daugher of their lowland gorilla Mjukuu is making good progress. ... Read more >>

Consuming oily fish could repair damaged blood vessels

Eating oily fish may not only keep your heart healthy but it could actually help to fix damaged blood vessels faster, reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, scientists have found. ... Read more >>

Wildsense: iPad app could help monitor endangered wild tigers

A new iPad app that focuses on tiger conservation could change the way wildlife is monitored in the future. ... Read more >>

Vagus nerve stimulation shows promise for stroke rehabilitation

An experimental technique to help stroke patients regain the use of their arms has shown promising results in a trial. ... Read more >>

National Trust spring flower count records more blooms

This year's milder, calmer and drier winter has been much kinder to plants, the National Trust's early spring flower count suggests. ... Read more >>

RSPCA rescues runaway coati mistaken for a bear

A coati that caused a stir in a small town in Buckinghamshire after he was mistaken for a small bear has been safely returned to its owner by the RSPCA. ... Read more >>

Malawi celebrates actions to protect elephants from poaching

The RSPCA is celebrating after actions to protect elephants in Malawi were stepped up. ... Read more >>

Moderate alcohol consumption increases attractiveness,

Consuming alcohol - equivalent to about a glass of wine - can make the drinker appear more attractive than when sober, according to new research from the University of Bristol. However, be warned - the effect disappears when more is consumed. ... Read more >>

Classical music relaxes dogs in rehoming centres

Dogs facing the stress of entering a rehoming centre can be relaxed by listening to classical music, according to a new study. ... Read more >>

Three coffees a day could reduce risk of heart attack

If you enjoy a cup of coffee, then you may reducing the chances of having a cardiac arrest. ... Read more >>

Shopping vouchers could help one in five pregnant women quit smoking, study suggests

Financial incentives could help one in five women quit smoking during pregnancy, according to new research. ... Read more >>

Photo captures weasel and woodpecker mid-air

Amateur photographer Martin Le-May, from East London, could hardly believe his luck when he snapped the image of a weasel on the back of a woodpecker in flight. ... Read more >>

Eating peanut at an early age prevents peanut allergy in high-risk infants

New evidence shows that the majority of infants at high-risk of developing peanut allergy are protected from peanut allergy at age 5 years if they eat peanut frequently, starting within the first 11 months of life. ... Read more >>

How X-Ray technology can help develop more accurate cancer vaccines

Scientists have used powerful X-ray technology to visualise how white blood cells interact with skin cancer cells, paving the way for the development of more accurate cancer vaccines. ... Read more >>

L'Oréal Paris UK drops its ‘no good at maths' advertising tagline to support mathematics education

<SPAN>The charity National Numeracy has welcomed the decision by the cosmetics and beauty company L'Oréal Paris to change its UK advertising campaign to remove a negative remark about learning maths.</SPAN> ... Read more >>

Mother orangutan and her baby rescued in Sumatra

Rescuers have evacuated a mother orangutan and her baby, who were trapped in farmlands in South Aceh, Sumatra, bringing the total to seven orangutans rescued this year, and four this month alone. ... Read more >>

Office for National Statistics figures highlight fall in teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancies have fallen to the lowest level in more than 40 years, according to latest figures. ... Read more >>

MoneySuperMarket staff raise twice their fundraising target to support mental health charity Mind

The website MoneySuperMarket has raised £130,000 - smashing its original target of £60,000 - to support people experiencing mental health problems. ... Read more >>

Scientists announce anti-HIV agent so powerful it might work in a vaccine

In a remarkable new advance against the virus that causes AIDS, scientists from The Scripps Research Institute in Florida have announced the creation of a novel drug candidate that is so potent and universally effective, it might work as part of a... Read more >>

Plain packaging reduces cigarette seeking response by almost a tenth, study suggests

Plain tobacco packaging may reduce the likelihood of smokers seeking to obtain cigarettes by almost 10 per cent compared to branded packs, according to research from the Universities of Bristol and Exeter. ... Read more >>

Rescued tawny owl recovers at RSPCA centre after oil ordeal

The RSPCA hopes to release back to the wild a tawny owl that was found covered in engine oil after she ended up in an old feed trough. ... Read more >>

Study shows urban habitats provide haven for UK bees

Urban environments might not seem the best habitat for pollinators at first glance but a new study suggests that bees and other pollinating bugs actually thrive as well in towns and cities as they do in farms and nature reserves. ... Read more >>

Unemployment is continuing to fall, Office for National Statistics reveals

Unemployment in the UK is still falling, according to latest figures. ... Read more >>

New research alliance by Alzheimer's Research UK aims to fast-track treatments for dementia

Alzheimer's Research UK, the world's largest dedicated dementia research charity, has announced a new £30m alliance with three flagship research institutes at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and University College London.</SPAN></SPAN> ... Read more >>

RSPCA celebrates less than perfect dogs with Ruffs alternative dog show

Tired of traditional dog breed standards that prioritise looks over welfare, the RSPCA is searching for canines that don't conform to the idea of a champion. ... Read more >>

How chimpanzees and children learn kindness from others

Chimpanzees, much like children, can learn to be kind by observing and experiencing the kindness of others, according to new research. ... Read more >>

Like A Girl - Always campaign film empowers young women to feel confident

“You run like a girl” or “you throw like a girl” are common insults many have heard or said at some time. ... Read more >>

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