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Carbon Credit - First Green reward Card for Travellers

By Jeff Mills

Last updated 6/4/2009 5:06:18 PM

What is thought to be the world’s first “green” reward card has been launched to encourage travellers to not only become more aware of their carbon footprint but allow them to earn points for being ecologically aware. 

CarbonCred, as the scheme is known, has been created to provide reward points for holidaymakers each time they book their travel through any of around 100 online retailers, including British Airways Holidays, Opodo, Expedia and lastminute.com.

Once you have set up a free CarbonCred account (www.carboncred.it) and received your virtual reward card you can redeem any points you earn to either offset the carbon emissions of your travel or for various “green” products or services from the CarbonCred website.

“There’s no denying that flight emissions are having a detrimental effect on the planet, but in this global world the frequency of flying is only ever going to increase,” says CarbonCred founder Duncan Stewart.

“Just by using a CarbonCred card, it shows that people are willing to make ethical choices and become more responsible for their carbon footprint. The CarbonCred card is the ultimate travel accessory and whilst it may not yet be the first item on the check list, as time goes by on this planet, it might be the most important.”

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