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Sri Lanka is second in the National Geographic's 20 best

By Sri Lanka Daily News reporter

Last updated 4/14/2010 9:54:50 PM

Photo © Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka is ranked second in the National Geographic's world's 20 best.

In a list that encompasses some of the most exotic and exclusive getaway locations including Bali and Manhattan, Sri Lanka takes top spots.

This follows suit of the recent spate of positive reviews that Sri Lanka has received from the New York Times, and Daily Candy, to name a few.

The countdown show included beaches, food, wildlife and must see sights like Sigiriya to be the features that is most attractive for tourists coming into the island.

The program includes soundbytes from internationally reputed travel writer for the Times, Jill Crawshaw, and editor for the Wanderlust magazine, Lyn Hughes. "We are proud to have received such prestigious reviews from a reputable media channel such as National Geographic," said Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Managing Director Dileep Mudadeniya.

"The network as always carried positive features on Sri Lanka and we are regularly featured in Animal Planet as well," he said.

Sri Lanka Tourism has been working continuously with all the international media groups, National Geographic in particular, regularly feeding them with information on the various facets of Sri Lanka Tourism. The new product offerings include whale watching, primates, surfing and so on have sparked immense international media interest.

As a destination Sri Lanka is also on the threshold of being granted the status of a 'geo tourism' site through the National Geographic group. This new status will also increase the number of inbound tourists, bringing in a new fast rising segment of tourists who only frequent geo tourism destinations.

National Geographic Canada was in the country last year shooting for an episode in the popular series Departures. The Sri Lanka episode in the 4th season of the program will be aired later this month.

Sri Lanka has also been featured on National Geographic publications with the first issue for this year of National Geographic China featuring a 20 page photo feature of Sri Lanka.

There has been nearly a 68 percent growth in inbound tourism for February when compared to the same month in 2009.

Courtesy: Sri Lanka Daily News

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