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Let's Go Naked In The Snow: Facebook group strips in The Big Freeze

By Simon Meadows

Last updated 1/15/2010 3:29:50 PM

Facbook Group naked in the snow

If you've been wrapping up during The Big Freeze, spare a thought for the hundreds of daring Brits who've bravely been baring all in the snow for a Facebook challenge.

Let's Go Naked In The Snow is a new group on the social networking site, which has challenged members shed their inhibitions in the wintry weather.

Thousands have joined in a matter of days and hundred have posted their pictures, keen it seems to show their exhibitionist side.The pictures are saucy, mostly funny and are likely to put a smile on the faces of a nation, shivering in the cold. Among those posing for pictures are a naked rugby team busy training for their next fixture.

Simon Newman, 25, from Cheltenham, got the idea for the group after his brother-in-law sent a picture of him in the snow wearing nothing but flip flops and tinsel. "As soon as the snow arrived in Cheltenham I took one of myself and put it on Facebook and created the group," Simon explained. "Since then it literally has just snowballed."

It's good fun but cold apparently. But the excitement and adrenaline, Simon explained, jeep the chills at bay.

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