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First winners of Greener Festival Award 2008 announced

By Salina Christmas

Last updated 8/19/2008 11:54:44 PM

From an internet survey of 649 festival visitors conducted by agreenerfestival.com, 49% of respondents agree or strongly agree that land damage is a negative environmental effect of festivals

Eighteen UK and international festivals have been announced as the first recipients of the Greener Festival Award 2008.

The award, organised by www.agreenerfestival.com, acknowledges festival organisers for their efforts in promoting environmentally friendly music events.

Latitude, the Glastonbury Festival, the Camden Green Fair and the Cambridge Folk Festival are some of the UK winners, while US-based Bonnaroo Festival has been singled out as a 'beacon of excellence'.

Three festivals in Australia, Falls Festival, West Coast Blues & Roots and Bluesfest, have also been announced as winners.

The award is based on a seven-part questionnaire which covers event management, travel and transport plans, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, fair trade, waste management and recycling, water management and noise pollution.

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