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Florida Keys Website Connects Visitors with Volunteer Opportunities

By Optimist Travel

Last updated 4/5/2013 11:15:48 AM

Florida Keys Website Connects Visitors with Volunteer Opportunities

Visitors who want to do something good and add an enriching element to their next Florida Keys holiday can connect and get involved with voluntourism opportunities through a recently introduced website at www.keysvoluntourism.com.

The site provides direct links to a variety of Florida Keys charities, non-profit organizations and foundations — all dedicated to protecting and improving the quality of human and animal life in the island chain — that are seeking volunteers.

Organizations currently involved with the Keys voluntourism effort include Reef Environmental Education Foundation, Coral Restoration Foundation, Pigeon Key, Marathon Wild Bird Center, Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center, Habitat For Humanity of Key West & Lower Florida Keys, Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden and Key West Wildlife Center.

Keys travellers can find out what volunteer opportunities are available and discover the rewarding experience of giving back to the destination and its unique ecosystems. The site helps build connections between people who want to donate their time and energy and the organizations that seek their involvement.

Volunteer activities might include helping build an underwater coral nursery or plant corals on actual reefs, collecting data on reef fish populations, assisting with yard work or minor repairs at an outdoor tropical garden facility, feeding injured wild birds or mending their cages, cleaning or maintaining paths or trails, helping with fundraising events and more.

An ongoing calendar of events on the website is planned. Visitors interested in individual vacations or organizations creating group trips around specific voluntourism events are encouraged to check the website regularly for updates.

For further information on the Florida Keys & Key West, visit: www.fla-keys.co.uk

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