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Seven-and-a-half years ago we began our mission to highlight the positive things happening in our world. We sensed that, like us, there were many of you out there hungry to read good news. Our hunch was that in a media weary with negative headlines and dire tales of the things going wrong, there was a place for uplifting stories; somewhere we could celebrate the best of life and be inspired by the joy around us. So OptimistWorld was born. In the years since we have brought you regular updates of how amazing people across the planet are making a positive difference to our world. It's been an extraordinary journey. We have reached over one million unique visitors, published more than 4,000 original articles and featured the brilliant work of nearly 200 charities with free profiles.
Now, you would never expect us, as eternal optimists, to say you can have too much of a good thing - no way! We remain as committed today to spreading good news in the world as we were when we started out. This is though a rapidly changing market and we have to evolve with it. So we think it's the perfect time to take a break and focus our energies on building a different, wider project. Worry not, fellow optimists, we will be back, bringing you the most uplifting news around on a different platform, in a different format.
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