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the Optimist view

If you are an optimist – or aspire to be one - welcome to our world. Here at Optimist World you'll find daily good news headlines, inspiring stories about charities, positive corporate social responsibility activities, sustainable travel, optimistic stories from the world of sports, and so much more

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In a world that seems ever more cynical and full of bad news, Optimist World chooses to counteract this by bringing you inspirational stories and positive news from around the globe to show that humankind can be good news too.

Have you ever woken up in a good mood, seen the sun shining outside and felt good, only to switch on the news or see a paper and suddenly the joy seems to have disappeared? Optimist world is here to be an antidote to the pessimism that surrounds us in daily life by showing the very best of what people can do when they care. Every day we bring you new stories of inspiration and positivity. Good news can help lift your spirits and help you to see the brighter side of your day. Inspirational stories of people rising above trying circumstances, putting others before themselves and striving to make their world a better place can help to put the spring back into your step and a smile on your face.

Optimist World

Optimist World brings you positive news which shows the very best of the human spirit and helps to show that good news can help to counteract the bad by reminding us what an amazing world we live in. Whilst the national and global media performs a service by keeping us informed of world events, unfortunately it seems that the only news we hear or see, all too often reeks or doom and gloom. This website seeks to bring to light those inspirational stories that are often not picked up by the TV channels or newspapers to provide an antidote with good news and positive tales.

We bring you daily headlines of good news and help to reveal the optimist in you at times when you may find it difficult to see the positive side of humankind. Our positive news picks up on those inspirational stories of everyday, normal people deciding not to settle for the hand that they are dealt and spend their lives looking after only themselves, but those who actively seek to enrich the lives of others and make the most of the circumstances that they find themselves in.


Maybe you are already an optimist, full of positive news and inspirational stories yourself? Optimist World is a place where you can share your own good news and stories as well as read about others. We encourage you to take part in the Optimist World community and help us to spread the positive news further by telling people you know that they can find some of the best and most heartwarming inspirational stories here.

Optimist World isn’t about burying your head in the sand and pretending everything in the world is sweetness and light. Rather, we choose to spend some of our day looking at good news as well as hearing and reading about the less savoury aspects of the world that we live in.

Good news

Optimist World brings you the positive news about charities and organizations doing good work to help others. There is so much good news that goes virtually completely unreported and we want to bring these inspirational stories to your attention. Charities worldwide do a great deal of good things for groups of people who may not receive the help that they need otherwise, for example support services for those with rare medical conditions. Successful charity work is just some of the positive news that we like to bring you at Optimist World, with inspirational stories of those who see a problem and endeavour to do something about it.

Charities don’t have the monopoly on inspirational stories and good news. Although the business world tends to get a bad press when it comes to ethics, there are plenty of companies with conscience out there and we bring you examples of good news stories from the world of business too. Positive news is all around us, even in the big corporate world and it can be discovered if we stop and look around for it. Positive news from businesses includes innovative ways to help the environment, charitable giving, employer and employee voluntary work and any company who provides inspiration to others by their actions.

Inspirational Stories

Another area in which Optimist World brings you positive news and inspirational stories is through our travel section. These good news stories from all around the world help to spread some positivity, as we see what others are doing to make the world a better place. From a new species of animal discovered in Asia to advice on how to travel in a greener way, this positive news section for inspirational stories can spread the good news from all over the world to your computer screen.

So often in the world of sport, we see failure and defeat more highly prized by the media than any success or good news. That is why Optimist World prefers to look at the positive news from the sporting world and brings you inspirational stories about those sportsmen, women and younger athletes who triumph through adversity or just succeed where people expected them to fail. We find positive news like a sports manufacturer making special goalkeeping gloves for a keen young footballer with a disability, or good news about gold medal winning Olympian athletes spending their time in charitable pursuits.

Positive News

Optimist World brings you a resource of online videos which are packed with good news and often depict the inspirational stories of others. This positive news can be submitted by you or other users whenever you find it so that other optimists can share in the good news and feel good factor. Videos are a great way to share positive news with others.

Another section of Optimist World comprises of a collection of inspirational stories submitted by users in order to share some positive news with other optimists. You can blog any good news that you have come across recently, share inspirational stories that you have found on other websites and generally just find those nuggets of positivity which are always out there. Optimist World is here to be a central place for positive news, to show you that there are lots of good things going on around the world and that human nature has plenty of positive sides too.

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